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Newborn Session

We strongly encourage parents to bring their newborns in for portraits as early as possible (we often joke that it works best if you could swing by our studio on your way home from the hospital). Within the first few weeks, your baby will sleep A LOT (18 to 20 hours on average)...and that's just how we like them for their newborn session. Our photographers and assistants (which can sometimes be mom and dad if you prefer) will be able to pose your child without disrupting their sleep patterns to give you a number of great images which you will cherish FOREVER!! As they get older, they will sleep less and less and their sleep can be more easily disrupted, so the earlier you can get them in studio, the better!!!

Newborn shoots also tend to run the longest in length. When booking this sessions, please allow for between one to two hours. As an upscale photography studio, we pride ourselves in working with your child and their many moods to capture images which you'll love. That's the reason this shoot tends to be the longest. If your child awakens and wants to take a break to eat, we will stop what we are doing and will take that break. If your child just wants to snuggle with mom or dad, we again will take the necessary break to get your child back on track. We will take as many breaks as needed to ensure you walk away getting the shots you'll love.

3 Month Session

It's amazing how much your baby will change within the first 3 months. At the 3 month session, we're looking to grab some shots of baby on his/her tummy and holding their head up. Because baby is still growing and is very limited as to what they are capable of doing, our options are fairly limited as to the types of shots we can grab. With that being said, this session is still very important in the package simply because you'll be shocked when you look back and see how quickly your baby is growing and how different your child will look.

6 Month Session

Another 3 months have passed in the blink of an eye, and it's time for another photo session. At this session, you'll want your baby to be sitting up (if possible). If baby is close to sitting but not quite there yet, you may consider postponing your session 2-3 weeks to give your child enough time to develop those muscles needed to sit. There are some cute shoots which we can do using Mom's and/or Dad's legs, so please dress accordingly if Mom and Dad want to be in a few shots. We also recommend bringing in any special toys or blankets which you want baby photographed with or that might help put your baby at ease should they not want their picture taken that day.

9 Month Session

This shoot will be like no others before it...Life may be completely different for you when you reach your 9 month session because there's a good chance that your child will now be mobile!!! At this session, baby will most likely be crawling and/or standing with assistance (holding onto something). We will try to showcase these aspects because it's a great milestone in your child's life. Your child will have enough room in our studio to move around, and we'll provide enough props for them to grab hold of and stand with.

One Year Session

Happy Birthday to your little one!!! You'll look back in amazement and wonder how the last 12 months went by so quickly. You'll find the one year shoot to be one of the more enjoyable sessions. This is another session where it's common for parents and/or siblings to join in the fun. All babies grow very differently, so we do provide a lot of flexibility with this session. Wherever your child is at in his/her development (whether they are walking, crawling, sitting, or standing), we'll work with your child, and they will receive the necessary attention they deserve. We take the time to make sure your child feels extra important and enjoys having their portrait taken and above all else, you'll leave with images that you'll absolutely adore.

Quick Fact: It's common for parents to end their session by bringing a cake into the studio, and we'll grab some traditional "Cake Smash" shots. If you want these shots, please stay away from chocolate frosting as it can make your child look like they are playing in the mud.

What You Can Expect At Each Session

Newborn & Maternity