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Jessi Soles Justin and Tiffany

We are so glad we found Jaimie and Forever Photography! Before finding Jaimie, I never knew that having my children's pictures taken could really be an ENJOYABLE experience! Not only are there no people waiting until we're done, their own children getting fussy... Not only do we not have to rush to choose from a few pictures that we're not very excited about... but during a shoot with Jaimie, she takes time. If the boys need a few minutes to settle in, they get to play. If baby's hungry, we stop and nurse. With Jaimie, we have MANY wonderful pictures to choose from - EVERY time. Even when we think the session wasn't the best, we're amazed at the moments Jaimie has captured.
I used to think the cost of a private photographer was too high. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. Jaimie's New Life Package is the incredible value that got us started with her (I must confess I do like a good deal!). If you're expecting a bundle of joy or know someone who is, I highly recommend this package as THE perfect gift for the new mom & family to treasure FOREVER!
Now that we're past the New Life Package days, we may spend a few more dollars than we would have at the chain store, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Every extra cent is worth the added JOY we get seeing the pictures every day. I may need a bigger house for all the great pictures from Jaimie!
Bart & Kim


Bart & Kim


By Jaimie Rose

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